University of Central Florida Men’s Volleyball Club Team.

How large is this discourse community, and who are the actual members of the community? Who calls the shots, and who contributes? There is about 30 men who are involved with the club team in one way or the other. The actual members of the community are volleyball players at the University of Central Florida. The “Coach” Nick P, Chase G., and Sebastian call the shots in the community but everyone contributes in what they think is best in practice and other situations.

Are you a member of the discourse community? Why or why not? Who is most likely to want to join this community? What will it take for someone to be a contributing member of this discourse community?

I am a member of this discourse community because I am on the team and am involved. A elite volleyball player is likely to join this community. Someone who is passionate about volleyball, and wants to win or at least learn how to play.

What is the common purpose of this discourse community?

There is more than one purpose of this community, the number one goal is to get better at volleyball, number two goal is to get girls and party.

Identify a source where this information is found. Post a picture or a screenshot, if need be. The group’s web site? A brochure? Find a tangible source.

There is no place for this information to be found at this point. But in a week or two there should be a facebook group made for this years team.

Task 3.1

Discourse Communities you are involved in them everyday weather you know it or not. I am involved in several.

-Volleyball, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, accounting, and many more.

The mission of my Volleyball discourse communities in my practice situation is to all become better players and having a fun environment. In a practice scenario with friends it is a personal group only because not  many people are “allowed” at practice. It is face to face but also will run via text messaging.

Part 2

This video is a skit in Late night with Jimmy Fallon where Jimmy and Justin Timberlake make fun of how people would sound if they used it in everyday settings.

This is a joke of the intertextuality of twitter where people use Hastag for almost everything to be funny or be involved with a trending topic. The mission in my eyes is to try and fit in with society and go with what is thought is cool. It is a waste of time, but I do not know how to go into more detail at this time. I need to hear what people think about it more in class.


Before writing this I would like to say, my essay was a horrible piece of writing and I will try to improve upon it immensely.

Where did you write them? What does this place look like (describe with as much specificity as possible)? What sort of distractions surrounded you? My common room of Nike 101. The only distraction was the cute girls who walk by.

What time of day? Very late at night after my practices.

How long did it take you to write each of these? One sitting? Two sittings? How much (and what) did you accomplish in each sitting? Three sittings, I do not recall how much time needed.

Did you dedicate yourself exclusively to the writing tasks, or were there other distractions or “multi-tasking” activities going on? I was “multi-tasking”, playing games of League of Legends in between paragraphs.

What did your full step-by-step writing process look like, from “brainstorming” to “drafting” to “revision” (how many drafts, and what did you do to each draft?)? Brainstorming, making two drafts, revising only the sentences, not too much of the layout.

Did you draft on computer, or by hand? Discuss your “tools” in the composing and revision processes. Computer, by hand takes too long and my handwriting is horrible.

Was this different than the “ideal” writing environment and process that you would look? If so, how were you able to overcome the constraint of having a “flawed” writing environment/process? This was not an ideal environment I regret pretty much everything I had done. I flaw parts were I was blasting my music not paying completely attention to it.

How/why did you develop your current writing/ revision/ reading habits? Are they ideal, or are they flawed? When did they start? How can you change?

My reading habits, are nonexistent, they are fun and ideal at the moment. I started when I was born and it has not changed, I may read a book every year or so if I want to but nothing for fun.

What are the texts (not just the books, not just the major literature, but all texts) that have impacted the way you write and the things you want to say? Have some of these works been helpful, or hurtful?

The only text that have impacted on the way I write have been English text books throughout the year. The things I want to say really have been molded by me as a person. However, the work that has been hurtful would be the bible. I am completely serious after reading the bible, it has become a joke to me.

First, how do you see yourself as a writer? Is that self-perception helping you be the best writer you can be? How was that self-perception formed? When? What sort of daily circumstances help or hurt you as you attempt to grow as a writer?

I see myself as a horrible writer. It is most likely detrimental to my writing because whatever I put out is not 100% my full effort. This self-perception was formed in 8th grade when I realized my mom would proof read my papers and make them so much better and my originals sucked. Hurt me, texting. I text so much, it impairs my grammar and most likely hurts me more than it helps.

2.2 Writing Timeline

The first piece of writing I ever had done that I remember is an essay in 4th grade, I remember it really well because I got a detention for using the F word 4 times, and than I forged my mom’s signature on the detention. After doing that my teacher found out and I was given a referral and had to have a conference with my mom and my teacher. Defiantly a horrible experience.

I suppose my most successful essay is that I wrote for UCF and was able to get accepted. The worse failure paper was junior year FLVS English online. I had to write a research paper I was not in the, mind set, to do anything so I wrote this bullshit paper. There was errors all over the place, however I needed to turn in this paper in order to finish the class. I did not care about spelling, about grammar or anything. In my eyes the paper was shitty as hell. However, FLVS sucks and I got a 100% on the paper.

I wrote too many essays in high school, but never cared about what I wrote manly so they are all blended together and I can not remember specific numbers.

My first researched paper I ever wrote probably was 8th grade I needed to write a long paper on the Vietnam war.

I feel like most papers I write are useless, but I never pulled information out of my ass and put it on a paper, I may have copy pasted some information changed the wording and not cite it.

I always wing my papers, they all are above average I would think some may not turn out the way I hoped, but I wing everything so my expectations are low.

2.2 Writing Rules

I have stated several times, I was never the best High School English student. When my teacher’s would give out instructions I probably was either not there, on my phone, or asleep. I live by my own drummer, and my drummer is loud. However, I remember a few rules that I had always seemed to break.

Have your thesis in the introduction and conclusion.

I agree with this rule, it helps when readers are trying to figure out your main idea’s.

Always start with a grabber.

This did not make sense to me, because the grabbers I would want to use were always “wrong”.

No vulgar Language

Fuck that, is my go to sentence of my whole life. Why should my writing be constricted to only “Common” or “Polite words” if fuck or shit are the best words for the sentence I would put it in my writing and just take a detention.

Never use you or I.

This rule is stupid, because when you are writing it comes out. See I just used it without realizing it. Writing flows for me and if I am trying to write something and can not use words my breaks go off and my momentum begins to fall.

5 Paragraph Essay

This is the most frustrating rule I ever had to follow. If I like what I am writing it will flow out of me and it will keep going till I feel like it should stop and sometimes the stupid 5 paragraphs is not enough.

The rules I find too rigid are listed above, I never go into an essay with a plan. Ever. So I would only concentrate on the rules I would know I would break. The other rules are honestly second nature, I will do them but would not think about them.

I have never found a rule that I was like, “Oh boy I can not wait to write a paper without using an exclamation point!”

And in high school I wish I could of written essays without them being 5 paragraphs. They could of been more creative, longer, more flow and all around better papers.

I honestly do not change my writing all too often when switching platforms. However, on the writing journals I am more relaxed, using I more using you more when I would never do that in a well researched essay.

How do the soda’s connect with the secondary audience’s, or hidden audience?


My one product is Mug Root beer, the can itself is made to represent a beer mug. At first glance it looks like a ice cold beverage with foam flowing over the top of a mug, while in reality it is a normal brown soda can with a normal amount of writing. There is a boxer dog on the can holding a mug of the root beer which I believe is attempting to give a non discriminatory mascot to appeal to not only children but teenagers and adults. If it were a white male on the can it would not be able to have the same appeal. The use of the title of the soda is strategic and is popping out with a red background of the semi big font and bold lettering. The tone of the text is serious and to the point. There is little writing but they do allow you to notice it has no caffeine in case a parent is worried about their lunatic child being all hyped up on the soda. After all the in depth looking they give a good advertisement and make it so you look at the can you are feeling like you need to drink this foaming, cold, refreshing drink.