University of Central Florida Men’s Volleyball Club Team.

How large is this discourse community, and who are the actual members of the community? Who calls the shots, and who contributes? There is about 30 men who are involved with the club team in one way or the other. The actual members of the community are volleyball players at the University of Central Florida. The “Coach” Nick P, Chase G., and Sebastian call the shots in the community but everyone contributes in what they think is best in practice and other situations.

Are you a member of the discourse community? Why or why not? Who is most likely to want to join this community? What will it take for someone to be a contributing member of this discourse community?

I am a member of this discourse community because I am on the team and am involved. A elite volleyball player is likely to join this community. Someone who is passionate about volleyball, and wants to win or at least learn how to play.

What is the common purpose of this discourse community?

There is more than one purpose of this community, the number one goal is to get better at volleyball, number two goal is to get girls and party.

Identify a source where this information is found. Post a picture or a screenshot, if need be. The group’s web site? A brochure? Find a tangible source.

There is no place for this information to be found at this point. But in a week or two there should be a facebook group made for this years team.


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