2.2 Writing Timeline

The first piece of writing I ever had done that I remember is an essay in 4th grade, I remember it really well because I got a detention for using the F word 4 times, and than I forged my mom’s signature on the detention. After doing that my teacher found out and I was given a referral and had to have a conference with my mom and my teacher. Defiantly a horrible experience.

I suppose my most successful essay is that I wrote for UCF and was able to get accepted. The worse failure paper was junior year FLVS English online. I had to write a research paper I was not in the, mind set, to do anything so I wrote this bullshit paper. There was errors all over the place, however I needed to turn in this paper in order to finish the class. I did not care about spelling, about grammar or anything. In my eyes the paper was shitty as hell. However, FLVS sucks and I got a 100% on the paper.

I wrote too many essays in high school, but never cared about what I wrote manly so they are all blended together and I can not remember specific numbers.

My first researched paper I ever wrote probably was 8th grade I needed to write a long paper on the Vietnam war.

I feel like most papers I write are useless, but I never pulled information out of my ass and put it on a paper, I may have copy pasted some information changed the wording and not cite it.

I always wing my papers, they all are above average I would think some may not turn out the way I hoped, but I wing everything so my expectations are low.


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