Before writing this I would like to say, my essay was a horrible piece of writing and I will try to improve upon it immensely.

Where did you write them? What does this place look like (describe with as much specificity as possible)? What sort of distractions surrounded you? My common room of Nike 101. The only distraction was the cute girls who walk by.

What time of day? Very late at night after my practices.

How long did it take you to write each of these? One sitting? Two sittings? How much (and what) did you accomplish in each sitting? Three sittings, I do not recall how much time needed.

Did you dedicate yourself exclusively to the writing tasks, or were there other distractions or “multi-tasking” activities going on? I was “multi-tasking”, playing games of League of Legends in between paragraphs.

What did your full step-by-step writing process look like, from “brainstorming” to “drafting” to “revision” (how many drafts, and what did you do to each draft?)? Brainstorming, making two drafts, revising only the sentences, not too much of the layout.

Did you draft on computer, or by hand? Discuss your “tools” in the composing and revision processes. Computer, by hand takes too long and my handwriting is horrible.

Was this different than the “ideal” writing environment and process that you would look? If so, how were you able to overcome the constraint of having a “flawed” writing environment/process? This was not an ideal environment I regret pretty much everything I had done. I flaw parts were I was blasting my music not paying completely attention to it.

How/why did you develop your current writing/ revision/ reading habits? Are they ideal, or are they flawed? When did they start? How can you change?

My reading habits, are nonexistent, they are fun and ideal at the moment. I started when I was born and it has not changed, I may read a book every year or so if I want to but nothing for fun.

What are the texts (not just the books, not just the major literature, but all texts) that have impacted the way you write and the things you want to say? Have some of these works been helpful, or hurtful?

The only text that have impacted on the way I write have been English text books throughout the year. The things I want to say really have been molded by me as a person. However, the work that has been hurtful would be the bible. I am completely serious after reading the bible, it has become a joke to me.

First, how do you see yourself as a writer? Is that self-perception helping you be the best writer you can be? How was that self-perception formed? When? What sort of daily circumstances help or hurt you as you attempt to grow as a writer?

I see myself as a horrible writer. It is most likely detrimental to my writing because whatever I put out is not 100% my full effort. This self-perception was formed in 8th grade when I realized my mom would proof read my papers and make them so much better and my originals sucked. Hurt me, texting. I text so much, it impairs my grammar and most likely hurts me more than it helps.


One thought on “2.4

  1. Kevin, there’s no need to apologize about anything you’ve written. It doesn’t hurt ME at all if a student doesn’t commit himself to an essay. If you’re dissatisfied, then definitely, we can work on a full-scale revision.

    About your responses to these questions, though: they’re also leaving a lot to be desired. It almost seems that you’re trying to give the quickest response possible, rather than really using the questions to explore yourself and your writing. This, I think, is the biggest thing you’re going to have to work on. You get no “points” in the real world for simply having completed the task as quickly as possible. You get points if you’re effective, if you’re convincing.

    In terms of these responses: stick around and linger on the question, and develop it as much as possible. For instance:

    “My common room of Nike 101. The only distraction was the cute girls who walk by.”

    Okay. So what’s the “common room” look like? For that matter, what’s “Nike 101”? Give your reader some context. Give your reader some description. Set the scene. Give us details about what the place looks like, how you set up, how long you took, how many cute girls walked by…and for that matter, what other distractions might have presented themselves…you mention cute girls, but what else? You’re going to tell me that this was the only distraction in a “common room”?

    You won’t be successful if you treat writing like it’s a race, Kevin, or if you just try to write a bunch of stuff that will distract the reader. Focus. Develop. Explore. Reflect. That’s the only way you’ll be successful here. Not much else I can say.



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