Task 3.1

Discourse Communities you are involved in them everyday weather you know it or not. I am involved in several.

-Volleyball, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, accounting, and many more.

The mission of my Volleyball discourse communities in my practice situation is to all become better players and having a fun environment. In a practice scenario with friends it is a personal group only because not  many people are “allowed” at practice. It is face to face but also will run via text messaging.

Part 2

This video is a skit in Late night with Jimmy Fallon where Jimmy and Justin Timberlake make fun of how people would sound if they used it in everyday settings.

This is a joke of the intertextuality of twitter where people use Hastag for almost everything to be funny or be involved with a trending topic. The mission in my eyes is to try and fit in with society and go with what is thought is cool. It is a waste of time, but I do not know how to go into more detail at this time. I need to hear what people think about it more in class.


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