1.3 Writing task

Let me start off by saying I am not a healthy person when it comes to what goes into my body. I love soda, I love candy, and more than anything I love Chinese food. But what interested me most when walking through the grocery store was the labels on some soda cans. When walking down a soda isle there are many different colors and pictures. I have chosen my 3 favorite soda’s. Orange Fanta, Mug Root beer, and Dr. Pepper Ten. Sorry Nathan I use to love Diet Coke until it was the only thing in my house but college is a place to explore new beverages, Soda of course. image

All three soda cans have different fonts, colors, and images based on their advertisement plans. I have been drinking soda my whole life and had never looked into the labels for more than just a picture on a can of a sweet and refreshing beverage. I drink maybe a can or two of soda a day. However, Orange Fanta I have been drinking ever since I was in about 5th grade when my friend Anthony Jackson introduced me when his mom first let me try some. I remember this only because my mom was confused on why I wanted to soda so often after that occurrence. Mug Root beer I have been drinking since I was very little, my grandfather would give me the can and say have a beer with me. Not knowing he was having a legit beer and I was having soda. Dr. Pepper ten is a newer drink to me because it has just recently been introduced but my brother and I like it mainly because its advertisement is “just for men” and it is funny to joke with our mom saying you can buy it but can not drink it. 

Of the three soda’s I am looking at (Orange Fanta, Mug Root beer, and Dr. Pepper ten) they all seem to be different. My questions are

1. Do these product target the same audience?

2. Do either product target a certain gender over another or another age group? 

3. What is the discourse on the products?

4. How do they try to be new, to fill the gaps?

5. What is the constraints for what they can say about their product on the can? 




Task 1.1

Summary: Of all the grueling reading I had done what I have concluded is everything I have been second hand thought about writing is a lie and a good writer is a writer who can convey his message to the world well rather than having the less amount of mistakes in his or hers writing.


Analysis: Agreeing and Disagreeing for me as a person is difficult because when I look at a statement I view it from as many standpoints as I can think of trying of how different people may interpret different things. However, I am able to completely agree with the statement of “writing is much more than grammar”. Throughout Middle School and High School, I would get poor grades on my essay’s because I had run on sentences, have a comma where there should be a period, and just other grammatical errors I was not thinking of or caring about during the time. If teachers had given me extra points because my thought process was clear and my message was still effectively displayed I probably would have been in honors English instead of regular. This Essay was different from what I expected an essay to be, I was expecting a simplistic style of writing and for it to be short, but it was really well written. It had me thinking during times, quotes and experts from other sources.


Synthesis: I have been forced to write a shit ton of essay’s that I had no desire to write. I remember one essay in high school where I had to write about how I would deal with a death in my family for a final exam my Freshman year, a week after my birthday a day which my grandfather had passed away. It was the only time I had cried in class. However, I had gotten an A on it because there was a lot of “passion” in my paper. I have never had an essay feel like a conversation, when I use to reread my work it felt like the writer, myself, had a gun to his head being forced to write.

My Expectations with other peoples writings that I read are usually extremely high on account they are usually for school and they are written by professors and people studying the material for years on end. While my expectations for my own work has been low because I rarely have the drive or heart to write a well written paper. English to me has been a struggle and more of a pain in my butt than any other course in school. I do however approach readings differently based on weather they have been assigned to me or reading I do on my own. I anticipate the assigned reading to be long and dreadful and sometimes I will be shocked when it is a good read. But my own reading I do on my own time I will read pages and pages and finish it faster than I would do anything else. When a book assigned to me I will read a page a day if I was lucky.

My writing has never made an impact, unless you consider the impact of me getting into College and killing a few tree’s on the way.


Explore: I am convenience of the authors arguments. Stuart Greene did a great job laying out his points of views and it helped me understand what questions to ask before entering a conversation which I did not think of. But I do agree with him and I will most likely take away from this framing a good question prior to writing. Most my writings are poor because I had never been the best at planning.